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photo by Katharyn Boudet

photo by Katharyn Boudet

This story about a basset hound and an owl striking up a friendship while watching television just made my day when I first read it. Absolutely adorable.

Doomsday type news stories, like those about asteroids or the sun exploding one day in the future, don’t usually bother me at all. However, the quakes that are happening in Yellowstone right now? Totally freaking me right the heck out. Mostly because I watched a special on the volcano in Yellowstone on one of the science channels a long time ago. Remind me not to do that sort of thing.

This is an older story but it’s one I hadn’t caught until it was mentioned on end of the year list. I thought it was incredibly interesting – a man was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor and his life saved all because he shook hands with the right doctor.

I’ve heard of Soles4Souls at some point but I don’t think I ever knew what it was exactly. They’ve won a Guinness World Record and helped clean up a massive shoe spill of all things, so hopefully more people will learn about them and help them with their cause. They’re a charity that sends used shoes that might otherwise end up in landfills to people in need in Haiti.

I love the movie “My Neighbor Totoro.” I actually made a soot sprite for my boyfriend for Christmas. I was really sad to find out that the landscape in which it’s set is rapidly declining. It’s a beautiful place and the habitat is home to various species that are now in danger. Here’s another link about the efforts to save it.

When a couple of people inherited a garage from their uncle they had no idea that inside was an incredibly rare 1937 Bugatti – only 17 of these cars were ever made and this one’s odometer reading is only 26,284. That had to be a shock. I am now secretly hoping to one day inherit a Bugatti Veyron from some long lost relative.

Lastly, as a science major, this story really interested me. There may be a more natural way to stop the spread of malaria and dengue fever through mosquitoes by infecting them with an insect parasite. Basically, the parasite will cut the life span of the mosquito and therefore make it unable to incubate the malaria long enough to be able to pass on to humans. I really hope the results of the longer studies are promising because this can save so many lives in addition to reducing the need for insecticides made with nasty chemicals.


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I didn’t mention it before but I was quite glad to know that Prop 2 passed in California. According to the law, farm animals must have the space “animals to turn around freely, lie down, stand up, and fully extend their limbs” which you would think wouldn’t be too much to ask, really. Also, apparently some information is coming about what President-Elect Obama’s food policies will be and how we’ll be dealing with agriculture and such during his term as leader.

Back on the subject of animals, how unbearably cute is this baby elephant? I have a feeling this will be a big inspiration picture for some art. I’ve already been sketching elephants all day before I even came across this gallery. You can see more pictures of elephants from National Geographic by clicking on the picture.

cute baby elephant

cute baby elephant

Please send good thoughts out for my family because my brother-in-law is due for heart surgery in the coming days. My sister will be going to stay with him for a while so we’ll be keeping an eye on my nephew in the mean time. I’m sure we’ll find something crafty to do, maybe I’ll take some pictures.

P.S. I’ve jumped on the bandwagon and joined Twitter. You can find me at twitter.com/wooleyduck and that link’s in the sidebar too. I’m not certain what all I’ll be posting there but you can find out when my blog’s updated from there now too.

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