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I am focusing on small things recently. Creating polymer clay creatures, playing with kittens, making atcs, and working on collages made with small circles of cut paper.

polymer clay in progress
I dug some of the carved owls I had begun out of my clay storage bin to begin working on them again. I’ve missed them. Each one becomes a totally new creature and always seem to name themselves. Odd, I suppose, but they do – the name is decided practically without me. They all need a base coat of paint before I can truly get started on bringing them to life. I hope to work on them some today.

I’ve been more adventurous with the clay recently, which is always a good thing. I’m trying out new techniques and when I get an idea I got with it whether I think it will work or not. I won’t know if I don’t try, right?

Meanwhile, the job search continues. Things are not quite as tight as we thought, which is always good, but we need something extra coming in. I’ve also been trying to prepare myself mentally for going back to school. I won’t have any familiar professors this semester, and time has gotten away from me and autumn is closer than it seems. If I’m going to be working as well I need to have my wits about me if I’m going to do as well as I want to. I’m planning to study the basics of all of the subjects I’m taking this semester before the semester actually begins so I won’t be totally in the dark at the beginning of classes.

Going back to the subject of small things, this little guy was perched by my sister’s house the other day. He’s tiny! We have a lot of frogs around, you can tell it’s spring when the tree frogs start filling the night air with noise.


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