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untitled piece of art

I haven’t decided for sure on a title for the piece of art I made today. It’s composed of wood, glitter, paint, and wood burning. It isn’t how I pictured it going in but that’s usually how art works out. I’m pleased with the result regardless. I can’t seem to get an accurate picture of the colors, though. This one is really, really close but not quite right. If I can get some decent pictures it will be listed for sale in the shop tomorrow because I am broker than broke right now. Which is freaking me out but I don’t want to write about it right now cause I’m trying to relax before bed.

I popped awake around 5 this morning and I have no idea why so I’ve been up all day. And with no coffee and barely even any Pepsi. That should count for something I think.

My throat is ripped all to pieces from doing this wood burning as well as another small plaque which is still in progress. (Which I am VERY pleased with so far!) I’ll have to figure out a better way of doing it. I’d just take it outside but that’s a little difficult when I have to plug the burner in. Any suggestions?

A short post, but I am a bit out of it thanks to the sleepiness. More soon, I promise.


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