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We have two outside cats. Well, sort of. They were strays that showed up one day and one thing led to another and we wound up getting attached and naming them since we couldn’t find homes. I would bring them inside in a heartbeat if I could but financially I just can’t right now because of the vet bills involved before I could introduce them to our inside kitties. So we built them a cat house that resides on our porch and we love them and feed them and so on. Bella aka Belly is the loud-mouthed but sweet black-haired girl and Stig aka Stiggy (named after The Stig from Top Gear) is the tabby tom cat who is pretty much the most mellow cat ever.

Before I could get either of them fixed though, Belly decided to live up to her nickname and got a belly. One full of baby kitties. So she had 5 kittens in the cat house before she moved them to an undisclosed location. No matter how much we searched we have been unable to find where she took them. Yesterday, though, she brought 3 of them over to visit before taking them back to whatever mysterious place she’s keeping them. I took lots of pictures and am looking into several options as to placing them in good homes. All 3 of these are boys, which seems unusual, and all 3 are adorable so I thought I would share the cuteness. The pictures with the grey kitten were taken inside the cat house where I put them while Bella took the first kitten back to her hiding spot. I didn’t want them climbing around too much and getting hurt. You can see how we lined it with carpet samples and then put fleece and such in it to keep them warm and dry.

he is SO soft

soooo cute!

huddled up kitties


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