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Ways to reduce your exposure.

I can’t remember the last time I had something dry cleaned. We don’t really use air fresheners – the closest we come are candles and occasionally Febreze or Nature’s Miracle. I rarely wear makeup or perfume, but I should look into what I have. Most of our kitchen food containers are Pyrex. We filter our drinking water and have finally gotten some good quality plastic bottles instead of buying water bottles and reusing them a few times*. We almost never use pesticides and only ever use natural fertilizers if any. Oh, and this isn’t on the list but we use Yesterday’s News cat litter, which is recycled newspaper instead of weird crystals or the super dusty stuff.

So I’m doing really well with this goal of reduction already, apparently.

*As I was looking this stuff up I started to worry that perhaps the bottles we got weren’t so good after all – they have the number 7 on the bottom and that apparently means the bottles MAY contain BPA. However, 7 doesn’t automatically mean it contains BPA. 7 is basically just a catch all category for plastics that don’t fit into the 1 through 6 categories. The bottles also say SAN on the bottom, beneath the 7, and it would seem that SAN isn’t the kind of plastic that leaches the stuff. So if you should decide to buy hard plastic bottles and want to avoid BPA do your research. Don’t just disregard something because it says 7 but do check it out, essentially. Most sites just say ”#7 plastics are bad!” but that’s not actually the case. Especially since compostable plastics, made from corn and such, fall under the #7 category. It’s a case of throwing the baby out with the bathwater, I suppose.


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