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Long time, no see! I got a new job (working at a craft store no less!) and between that and school and commuting I’ve basically been working a 55 hour work week at times. So I can either find smalls bits of time to write about crafting or I can find small bits of time to craft – I’ve been choosing the latter. Which is good for me but bad for my blog.

Stone Rose Brooch

Stone Rose Brooch

It’s Halloween! It doesn’t much feel like it around here, and I hate that we’re not doing more to celebrate but I’m a bit too tired to care too much tonight. I do wish I could have gone to a friend’s costume party but I couldn’t justify the gas and wear and tear on my car which is currently needing some work. Plus! I have an appointment first thing in the morning to get one of the kittens neutered. (We kept two of them. I know! I know!)

The kittens father, Stiggy, passed away due to a blood parasite which was hard, and then we had one of our long time kitties leave us due to CRF. It was rough all around and I miss them. We kept the black kitten and one of the tabbies. The black one is now named PeeWee and living with my boyfriend and the tabby, whom I take to the vet in the morning, is Stiglet Stigletto Tanuki. Originally Stiggy Jr, his name has morphed a bit and my mom doesn’t like calling him a name too similar to Stig so we went with Tanuki as a surname. And I have a feeling this paragraph just passed into the territory of the crazy cat lady so I suppose I won’t go on.

Let’s see… School has been intense and not at all easy this semester due to the way my online classes are set up. I doubt I’ll be doing any online classes next semester, at least not any difficult ones like the algebra and microbiology I’m taking right now. Work has been good, I enjoy the job and being around supplies all the time is keeping me inspired.

Oh! And in honor of Halloween, here’s a story called “The Visitor” written by my sister, which is the winner of the Scary Story contest at Associated Content! How awesome is that? She’s finally getting the time to write more often and I’m thrilled for her because it’s what she wants most. Definitely go check it out, as well as her podcast story “Daniel and the House” which is also a creepy Halloween tale and got featured on the Staff Picks page of the same site.

In other news, I picked up a business license application today to make Pancakes and Noodles! a real, full-time thing. The logo and banner for the shop have been redone. We’ve been listing new items pretty often, almost daily actually, and we’ve got a lot of things in the works. All in all I’m excited about it.

And how have you been?


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