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The “Middle Tennessee Sheep, Wool and Fiber Festival” was great. I’d prefer to get as much of my fiber as possible from local sources so the links on the site and the business cards I picked up while there will help with that significantly.

I got some really wonderful Angora/Shetland (25/75) roving from Praise Song Farm. It smells just like my boyfriend’s cat and is so soft. And I’m quite possibly completely in love with spinning it. I’ll have to get a shot of how it looks on the wheel. It spins up so nicely, I barely have to do anything. I also got some nice Cashmere/Tussah (50/50) from the same booth. I will probably experiment with dyeing both. I got the natural colored stuff so that I could dye it if I wanted.

I spent too much on some amazing Camel/Tussah. I’ll have to update with the name of the place because I seem to have misplaced the card. Anyway, wonderful people again, and oh wow, the colors. It is a good thing I had a limited budget because otherwise my house would be full of camel and silk fibers. I found myself trying to choose between 6 different colorways and that was only from the camel/tussah blends, not from the pure silk or any of the others. I finally chose 2 and I am very eager to try them out.

I also bought some Mongolian Cashmere/Tussah fiber from the same place. This stuff…Oh my goodness this stuff is what clouds are made from I swear to you. I don’t even want to spin it, I just want to lie in a tub full of it and bask in its softness. I only got 2 ounces and I really wish I had gotten more. And it was insanely cheap for how luxurious it is. There is no doubt at all that I am a little bit in love with it. Maybe a big bit.

I also got some needle felting needles and some great yellow wool from 3 Creeks which is my favorite place because Beth is always awesome and she’s actually the one who showed me how to spin originally, at a different festival. I picked my sister up some lovely turquoise wool as well.

Pictures of the fibers all up close and personal will be posted soon!


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