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Going to school full time and working on top of crafting and trying to have life is not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure. Most of the crafting lately has been for swaps and not much else.

Work has been interesting. I took a chance and there’s a possible good development in store as far as work goes. I won’t say more lest I jinx myself. School is going ok, I guess , but it’s hard to say yet. I may have to drop my 2 online classes since the bookstore doesn’t have the book I need for one class and because I’m already a bit behind in them and trying to find the time to actually do them. I am, of course, finding my history class fun, and I think psychology will show itself to be quite an interesting course.

Unfortunately, what all this means is that I’ve been neglecting this blog and not updating as often as I’d like. I’m going to try updating on a specific day of the week and see how that goes. Probably either Fridays or Sundays. It’s funny how the more things going on in your life, the more things you have to write about, the less often you have time to write. I’ve been neglecting a lot of things lately, really.

I think part of the crafty block I’ve had recently is because it’s been so long since I’ve made something just for me. I want to try to remedy that soon. Assuming I can find the time! I’m inspired with the swaps but once I’m finished with working on the projects for those I’m a bit blank for anything else to do. I need badly to add some things to the shop but that’s difficult to do when there’s nothing to add.

Speaking of craftiness and the shop and being busy – I am wanting to travel abroad this summer if at all possible. There’s a group that does a 4 week volunteering thing (technical term, right there) and one of the things you can do is go to Thailand and work with an elephant sanctuary. This would be, pretty much, a dream come true. The problem is that it’s waaaay more money than I can probably afford. Now, I’ll be able to pay off a couple of big bills when I get my student loan for this semester so I can make some headway into debt but I still don’t know that I could manage to do this. So, I’ve decided I’m going to try to get out of this craft rut and make things for the shop and put as much as I can from that into making this a reality. I don’t know that I’ll do it through this particular organization, though their package sounds amazing, but I want to do something similar through something. I don’t think I have the guts to do it on my own necessarily, I’d prefer to have some kind of group but I don’t know. Right now I’m going to focus on seeing how to afford it regardless of how I wind up going. It’s going to be several thousand dollars including airfare and such so it will be a big goal.

I’m also hoping the new development on the job front will help with this.

Wish me luck!

feet first


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Have you heard of the 101 things in 1001 Days Challenge?

Well, I’m attempting it and have been for a while. I actually began this list on 1/2/08. The end date is 9/29/10. I’ve changed a few goals a bit since then and considered starting over but I’ve decided to keep the date because otherwise I feel like I’d have to ignore the things I’ve already done. Besides, a goal list should be a bit fluid, I think. Priorities change over time.  (Also, I need to update totals on some of the goals.)

I plan to donate a dollar to SuperCheers on the 43things website for every goal I don’t accomplish in the time frame. Right now it’s about 6% complete not including partially finished goals.

Now for the list! (in no particular order)

1. get new contacts and glasses

2. give blood again

3. join DeviantArt and post at least 10 new pieces of work

4. be able to walk a mile in 16 minutes or less

5. Vote in the 2008 Presidential Elections

6. get a passport

7. learn to crochet

8. get my ring appraised

9. get laser hair removal

10. keep a job longer than 6 months

11. take at least 6 classes outside of college courses

12. get my rolls of film developed

13. beat Aaron at Scrabble

14. pay off at least 3 credit cards

15.Visit the Grand Canyon

16. visit 2 new states

17. complete project 365

18. participate in 100 words for at least 2 months (doesn’t have to be in a row)

19. get my bra measurements professionally done and then buy myself at least 3 pieces of well made lingerie

20. go on a road trip with no predetermined destination

21. play skeeball at least 20 times

22. Get my wisdom teeth taken out (if at all possible I may change this goal. dreading the very idea.)

23. fix my bicycle tire and then paint the bicycle

24. get my Ursula Vernon artwork framed

25. visit all the state parks in Tennessee

26. Make a quilt

27. handspin a full skein of yarn

28. reduce how much storage space i use/need by at least half

29. learn how to properly build a campfire

30. learn to tie at least 3 new kinds of knots

31. learn to swim

32. release at least 30 books into the wild through bookcrossing

33. read at least 101 books

34. Level a WoW character to 70

35. learn to play at least one song on a new musical instrument

36. Volunteer

37. sell at least 25 handmade things on Etsy

38. get an AA degree or an AS degree

39. join a CSA

40. get straight A’s for at least one semester in college

41. get the headliner in my car fixed

42. knit a hat

43. make a blanket for Project Linus

44. go to at least 3 church services of various religions

45. plant an herb garden

46. wear red lipstick (in public) at least 10 times 1/10

47. write a fully completed story or book

48. make at least 2 new real life friends

49. go see at least 6 plays and/or ballets/shows/concerts

50. travel outside the country

51. go camping

52. Sell a painting

53. fund a loan through kiva

54. make a dress, an apron, and a set of pillows using my sewing machine

55. run a mile in 10 minutes or less

56. join a group

57. build something

58. learn how to do 2 new crafts well and finish a project from each learned embroidery & needlefelting

59. draw every day for 60 days

60. take the 100 things drawing/photo challenge

61. visit my grandmother’s grave

62. have a real picnic with my picnic basket and a blanket

63. drink no soda for 60 days

64. eat no fast food for 60 days

65. get a professional massage

66. ride in a paddleboat

67. eat no red meat for 30 days

68. have 3 months of living expenses in savings

69. try at least 8 new dishes at restaurants 2/8

70. visit at least 3 locally owned restaurants that I’ve never been to 2/3

71. learn to identify ten native trees and plants

72. get all the proper licenses/legal/trademark stuff for my business

73. have flowers delivered to my mom for no reason

74. learn to identify 3 new constellations

75. keep a gratitude journal for at least 30 days

76. write a sonnet

77. keep a scanner daybook for at least 30 days

78. balance my account every night and stick to a budget for at least 90 days

79. grow my hair down to at least mid shoulder blade length

80. get a professional manicure or pedicure

81. go on at least 10 hikes

82. put the birdfeeder on a pole in the backyard and keep it filled for at least 60 days

83. donate at least $275 to charities and groups that I believe in

84. learn to mat and frame artwork and frame at least one piece of work

85. make paper and use it to mail letters to 5 people

86. buy an even better digital camera

87. eat in a Gordon Ramsay restaurant.

88. go without a computer for 14 days (allowed to check my email twice)

89. start a retirement fund

90. learn to cook at least 3 full meals

91. write/call my friends at least once a week for 8 weeks

92. make a new 101 in 1001 list to begin once the first 1001 days are over, including any items that I may not have accomplished from this list

93. buy the cats a water fountain

94. make a terrarium

95. make my mom a scrapbook

96. Donate 1 million grains of rice at Freerice.com 1690/1000000

97. participate in 100 swaps on swap-bot 38/100

98. put together a recipe book

99. lie in the grass and watch the clouds at least 10 times

100. open ended

101. open ended

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This is an article I wrote a while back. One of my major goals for 2009 is to live a greener lifestyle and one part of that is reducing the amount of chemicals around me. I did a lot of research into just what certain ingredients actually are and wrote about my findings.

Pond’s Cold Cream: Reducing the Weird Chemicals in Your Life
Pond’s Cold Cream has been around for a very long time, and tons of people swear by it. However, that doesn’t always mean something hasn’t got weird chemicals in it. Since my skin adores the stuff, and it’s going on my face, I especially want to know how toxic it is.

Just What is Sodium Borate, Anyway?

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simple things

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December was a month full of ups and downs. My 25th birthday was good, with a nice little family party and balloons and cake. A couple weeks before that, my boyfriend’s teenage kitty died in his arms and it’s still painful. Christmas was fun and drama-free but finals were stressful and I’ve been working more hours than I originally planned in addition to school. The weather has reflected the upheaval of the month with temperatures in the 60s not too long after an unusually early snowfall and nights that dropped down into the teens. All in all, despite the high points, I will happily wish December farewell.

I am eager for 2009. I know it’s a bit of an arbitrary designation of time but the new year is feeling important this time around. 2008 was better than 2007 but I am much more optimistic for ’09. I think change is in the air and I am anticipating spring even earlier than usual, wanting everything new and fresh.

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful New Year’s celebration. I plan to spend it making goals and cleaning house, crafting things and spending time with family. An easy-going simple day, I hope. Ease myself into a new beginning.

“The birds are molting. If only man could molt also – his mind once a year its errors, his heart once a year its useless passions.” ~James Allen

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Christmas Collage

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I’ve been very busy with work and finals and holiday preparation and a lot of things have happened since I last wrote. For now though, I don’t think I’ll go into any of them. I’ll just share some Christmas cheer. I hope everyone who celebrates it had an absolutely wonderful Christmas.

Click on the picture to go to Flickr for notes about everything!

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I made the most of one summer day, at least. My mom and I took my nephew for a walk in the woods Sunday. We were needing to escape and he was needing to get away from the television, so we headed out. First, we stopped and caught a butterfly with my net and viewed it in our magnifying bucket before setting it free. Then we sat for a few minutes and enjoyed the quiet while my nephew played on the new playground equipment nearby. I started off into the woods planning to take a few pictures while he played but he wanted to go too so we went ahead and took our walk.

We encountered a few bicyclists, all of whom were quite friendly, but mostly had the trail to ourselves. We were probably quite a scene carrying a butterfly net, a magnifying bucket, keys, and a bag filled with bottles of water, a jar for catching fish, a couple of books, paper, crayons, and some small containers in case I found any interesting “specimens”. We found some wild blackberries and picked a few (glad I brought those containers!) and then wandered a bit further into the woods, headed towards the creek. At some point along the way we passed a broken bird’s egg and I placed it in the net until we could stop so I could get a picture. I want to try and identify what species it is.

Finally we got the creek. There was an animal track I got a picture of but I’m pretty sure it was just a dog. I figured I’d get a picture just in case though, right?


The water level was pretty low and there weren’t any big minnows. We happened to spy a tiny tree frog, jumping away from us and into the woods. When we threw a few bits of stale hot dog bun in at a creek on the Natchez Trace a long while back, the fish went nuts for it, jumping out of the water to get it. I’m not sure if it was because these were just a different breed or if it was because they were so small but the fish this day had no interest in the bread. I wound up having to catch them in the net and quickly put them in the jar filled with water so we could get a good look. I got the jar idea from the Amateur Naturalist book I got from the library. He recommended bread as well, so I’ll still try that again at some point. Anyway, I got one from each of the two kinds that we saw in the water.7/6/08

There were tons and tons of baby periwinkles (though I’m not sure if that’s the right name) too. They just looked like dots on the rocks. My nephew slipped twice, even though he was being good and trying to be careful. Thankfully he wasn’t hurt either time, though the first time especially it took him by surprise.

As we were walking up the hill to go back the way we’d came I spotted something out of the corner of my eye. What the heck was that? I guess it was just a squirrel or something, bounding from one tree to another, I just saw a flash of something. Then as we walked we heard more crashing. This time I saw a flash of white tail. It was a deer! A few more steps and a bit more crashing and we stopped and waited. Sure enough, he not only bounded out of the trees but across the path in front of us. Very, very cool.

I took more pictures and we made the slow trek back to the car. We let my nephew play a bit longer on the playground while we rested. My mom read, and I took pictures of butterflies and tried to get a better look at the wood bees that were buzzing around. We loaded up the car and headed to McDonald’s since the boy wanted french fries and we thought ice cream cones sounded like a great way to cool off.


Now to just make the rest of the summer count, too!

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I got my wheel back out and started back on the yarn that’s been sitting on the bobbin for weeks now. It’s the Angora/Shetland blend that I got at the fiber festival. I still enjoy spinning it, I’ve just been too busy with other things and have needed crafts I can do a bit at a time. I haven’t decided yet whether or not to dye it after it’s spun. I’m thinking I’ll probably ply it with some thread, though, regardless.

This summer is slipping by far too fast. I’ve yet to go out and chase lightning bugs. We haven’t been to the park in a long while now. With gas prices as high as they are we’ve barely gone for any scenic drives. This year has just sped along and I feel like I’ve missed a good deal of it. I need to take some time and take a breath and enjoy it before it’s over.

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