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I haven’t been much for words the past few days. I’ve been enjoying the sunshine and the spring breezes and the scent of whatever kind of bushes have exploded in bloom all over town. I’ve also been doing quite a bit of spring cleaning and crafting.

A good deal of Sunday was spent chasing and catching bugs with my nephew. I have a butterfly net I got ages ago for a dollar, and just thrifted a jar with a huge magnifying glass on the top specifically made for viewing insects up close.

Let me tell you, a biology enthusiast and a little boy can have a whole lot of fun out in the sunshine catching bugs. We caught roly-polies, moths, mosquito hawks, and even a really gorgeous butterfly to view. He made an excellent little helper and enjoyed setting the bugs free with a shout of “set them FREE” every time.

Other than that it’s mostly been housework and crafty projects coming along bits at a time. Embroidery is my new latest obsession and it’s been a nice way to take a break from the stress of cleaning and organizing.

I’ve been very color and texture minded recently though, and it’s not translating well into words yet. But I’m getting there.


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I was going through photos of things for the shop and came across this one of a vintage baby jacket I’m going to sell: spring lambs
I just really love the way the shot turned out and it makes me all kinds of happy to look at the delicate little lambs and the bright spring green of the trees in the back. It’s a great photo for my mood as of late, with all the spring colors and sunshine and crafty details.

I am totally in love with this jacket and I had to have it the moment I saw it, even though I had no idea at the time what I would do with it. I was antique shopping with an old friend and discovered it tucked away among some other items. If I had kids I would so keep it. But I don’t and I’d rather it be used and well loved now rather than sit in a drawer somewhere until I eventually get around to having my own children. It’s super, super soft and not only is it vintage but it’s entirely handmade as well. And sooo sweet. I can’t even decide which bit is my favorite but right now I’m especially admiring the ribbon bow.

I haven’t listed it yet but I already know I’m going to be sad to see it go.

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