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So, I don’t know if you’ve heard about ArtFire or not, but essentially it’s new competition to Etsy. They currently have a deal going on where you can sign up for a flat rate of $7 USD a month to sell. I was planning to get an account with them before the weekend was up because I’m intrigued and they look like a good place to sell.

Today, however, Etsy apparently bought Google AdWords for “ArtFire” and somehow the ArtFire crew found out about it. (Sounding like a high school drama yet?) To me, that just makes business sense. You have new competition, you do what you can to keep ahead of them. No big deal. However, ArtFire posted about it on their Twitter. A little while later, this was posted to their Twitter: “LOL! So we called them out on it, and they got rid of the Adwords, haha I guess they didn’t want it turning into a big story, too late!”

I’m sorry, am I the only one who this really bothers? That is totally unprofessional. It really bothers me because I don’t know that I want to be part of a business that talks smack about the business practices of their competition and then proceeds to post things like that on a feed that many of their users and their competition’s users read. Does this concern anyone else?

edited to add Apparently there’s a promo button for them that says “‘Etsy should be scared” as well. How classy.

edited again: Tony, the head of ArtFire, has left a nicely thought out response to all of this in the comments. Please read them to see his take on the situation (and my reply, should you be interested).


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